Welcome to the Cámara Laboratory

The advent of high-throughput technologies in the past decade has led to an explosion of biological data, affording the opportunity to address fundamental and clinically relevant questions that were previously inaccessible. The complexity and scale of these data pose significant challenges to traditional computational methods. In some cases, the nature of the data is not suited to current approaches; in others, the size makes the analysis infeasible with current resources. Our research utilizes principles of mathematics to address some of these problems in genomics.

The focus of our lab is on the development and application of innovative computational approaches to the study of cellular heterogeneity and its role in disease. To this end, we draw ideas from topology, geometry, statistics, physics, and computer science. Combining these approaches with the use of high-throughput single-cell technologies and large-scale population studies, we aim to achieve a more complete understanding of the cellular composition and cell-to-cell signaling networks of tumors in relation to their genetics. We are particularly interested in deciphering the cellular ecosystem and heterotypic signaling networks of tumors of the central nervous system, both in adults and children; however, we expect our methods to be of utility to a broader community and collaborate with groups working in related areas of research, such as in developmental biology.

If you are passionate for research in computational genomics and want to be part of an interdisciplinary team working in a supportive environment on some of the most exciting questions in cancer biology, please contact me to learn more about the current projects of the lab.